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Enlightened has six values which help shape the way we do things. These are listed below with information as to how they relate to our clan.  


  Our first and most important value is respect. We show respect by listening to each other and taking onboard the opinions of others. We also show respect by extending trust to one another. Members of Elightened can have characters in multiple clans. We trust them to keep the confidential any sensitive personal information that may be shared on our clan channel. We also trust that they will not abuse our clan storage locker by providing clan equipment to characters outside of our clan.


  Enlightenment values honesty. Being honest with each other cuts down on drama in our clan. If a clan member is found to have been dishonest in dealings with other clan members they will be contacted by an elder and asked to explain themselves. If the explanation is unsatisfactory they will be removed from the clan. Examples of dishonest behaviors include creating an alternative character and pretending said character belongs to someone else or hiding your identity to spy on other clan members.  


  Our clan values transparency. Any decisions made by clan elders will be explained upon request. Our elders are not untouchable or unapproachable and they are accountable for their actions and decisions regarding our clan.  


  We value the company and friendship of our clan mates. We keep a sense of humor while respecting each other. We want all to enjoy playing a really great game surrounded by good friends.  


  Generosity means that members of Elightened do not hoard information. We enjoy making the game better by sharing information that makes life easier for all. You are welcome to share any game related information that you learn from others in the clan with those who may not be members of enlightened. Power does not come from keeping information from people. Respect is gained when we provide useful information.


Enlightened is a place for adults who like enjoy adult conversations. In saying this there are just some topics that we have found people are unable to discuss in an adult fashion. Evangelising your religious convictions, extreme political views, or blindness philosophy are three things that we do not tolerate. If an elder believes that a conversation is going too far in this direction and asks you to stop, you must do so immediately. Failing to do so may lead to demotion or expulsion.

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