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Clan Enlightened is here to provide our members a place to be themselves, make new friends, and improve as players of Alter Aeon. We strive for a laid back environment where people feel that their ideas and contributions are valued while still maintaining a sense of humor. We endeavour to help each other wherever possible to complete quests, get equipment, gain experience, and learn skills needed to do well in the game. It is important that we extend this assistance to players outside of our clan. Clan enlightened is here to improve the world for everyone by collecting and providing information that makes life easier. Our longterm goal is for our clan members to be known as well informed players who can be relied on to provide useful information when asked. Part of this goal will be the development of additional resources such as where objects load, good areas for running experience at various levels, and detailed quest guides. These resources will be created by our members and freely available to all players.

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Page last modified on May 27, 2015, at 10:59 AM