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In order that everyone within Enlightened has a pleasant and worthwhile playing experience, we require that these few rules be followed at all times:

1. This is your clan. If you ever have suggestions of things that will improve the clan, please contact us and we will be happy to consider them.

2. Please be respectful toward other clan members at all times.

3. Please follow the rules regarding the clan storage locker.

4. You may have alternate characters (alts) in other clans, but please inform an elder if you are doing so. We honestly do not mind, but we would like to be kept informed for clan storage locker purposes. You can have as many alternate characters in our clan, or any clan as you like, provided that you:

Do not use your alts for the purpose of spying on our clan members or clan activities. If you believe an activity could be seen as malicious or could be considered spying speak to an elder for clarification. If we believe that you are spying on or passing on personal information of clan members, you will be spoken to and more than likely removed. Sharing information about game play is NOT considered malicious and is encouraged. Items in clan storage are for characters in the clan only. Your alts outside of the clan are not to use wear or consume anything from the clan storage locker under any circumstance. Clan members are not to allow anyone outside the clan to use wear or consume anything from the storage locker under any circumstance.)

5. There are only two non-elder ranks in Enlightened. These are first rank initiate and 3rd rank member. You are a first rank initiate if we do not know you well but would like to get to know you. If you have been a first rank initiate for more than one month feel free to talk to an elder. We will either promote you, or provide an explanation as to why you have not been promoted. Please do not ask to be made an elder. If we want another elder and have considered you for the position, we will contact you. 6. All rooms and objects in the clan area are communal. It is the right of any clan member to be in any room at any time unless you have purchased a private room. If you would like a private room in the clan area the cost is 1000 credits which go toward clan dues. Please contact an elder and we will sort this out for you. 7. If you have a problem with someone else in the clan, it is not the clan's problem. If you do not wish to associate with another clan member this is your right. It is also your responsibility to clearly let the other party know. The other party must respect your request. If you wish to let clan elders know this has happened you are welcome to do so. We will generally not take sides, exclude the other party from clan events, or tolerate personal drama regarding such issues on clan channels.

7. If we believe you have broken one of these rules an elder will attempt to contact you to discuss what has happened. If the violation is not serious we will attempt to contact you over three days before taking any action. If the violation is serious and we believe you may be a threat to the clan, we will contact you if you are online before taking any action. If we cannot contact you we will make any decisions based on what we know. If you are demoted or removed an elder will always send you a mudmail with an explanation.

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Page last modified on January 16, 2016, at 11:20 AM