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Written by Morathi

This is a step-by-step guide on how to obtain the Dwarven Bracelet. While the bracelet only benefits warriors, everyone should complete the quest as it does award experience and counts toward your achievements.

  • You will need three items to complete this quest: a mithril bracer, a (powered up) ruby and a special potion.
  • To obtain the bracer, you will need to speak to a dwarf called Durain. Durain can be found 1 south and 1 east of the Dragontooth Waypoint.
  • Next, leave Dragontooth out of the southeastern exit and head into the forest.
  • Follow the path passed the entrance into the dwarven mines and head south 2 and west 1. From here, head north and you ought to pass into a den.
  • Very important! The mob in the next room is invisible! You will need detect invisibility gear, e.g. the Spirit Belt, or failing that, a means by wich to cast the spell. Once you are ready, type enter hole.
  • The Bengal Tiger is a tough fight if you are not expecting it, but if you are careful, you will be able to take him down. You will need the ruby and the tiger paw.
  • Return to Dragontooth with ruby and paw in hand. Now, visit Durain and hand over the paw as proof that you slaughtered the tiger. He will hand over the bracer.
  • Take the ruby to Darkas. Darkas can be found, from the Dragontooth waypoint, by heading east 2, North 1, east 2, and finally, south 1. Hand the ruby over to Darkas and he will power the ruby up for you.
  • Now, you will need to kill another mob. From the Dragontooth waypoint, head west 2, north 3, east 2, north 1 and enter the house. Kill Falgur. Be warned! He makes use of fire attacks!
  • Once you have the potion, bracer and powered up ruby, head on over to Gimthen. From the Dragontooth waypoint, head east 2, north 1, east 2, and north 1. Now, give all the items to Gimthen, and he will construct the item for you.

Note that you may complete this quest twice (but will be rewarded only once). A second run is only necessary for melee type characters, e.g. warriors and the like.

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