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Written by Morathi

This is a step-by-step guide on how to complete the elven silversmith's legacy.

  • The elven silversmith can be located, from the Gad's Landing waypoint, by traveling northwest 1, east 11, north 1, east 1 and entering the bush.
  • You will need three items: a moonstone, sunstone and a tiger claw chain.
  • To obtain the tiger claw chain, you will need to locate the mage Jerin. From the Gad's Landing waypoint, head northwest 1, north 8, up 1 and 1 east. Be aware that you will have to take the item by force.
  • To locate the moonstone, you will have to travel to Dragontooth. From the Dragontooth waypoint, head east 2, south 1, east 1, south 1, southeast 1, south 3, west 1, south 1, west 2, south 1 and search in that area.
  • The sunstone, from the Dragontooth waypoint, is west 2, north 3, east 2, north 3. The astonishing part here is that you do not even have to search for the sunstone. Simply type "take sunstone" and you will pick it up (unless someone else is working on this quest, in which instance, you will have to wait for the area to repopulate).
  • With all three items in hand, return to the silversmith and give them to him. He will forge the necklace for you
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Page last modified on December 14, 2015, at 07:02 PM